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When one speaks of a social media strategy plan for proper social media marketing management, it means literally a summary of everything that a good social media management company does or hopes to achieve on all platforms of social media. At Komva, we make the planning stage a crucial and integral part of our social strategies because a well chalked out plan helps guide our actions and reveals if our techniques or strategies are succeeding or failing. For us every post, like or comment serves a particular purpose and we aim to be very much aware of everything.

Specified planning for improved execution of social strategies

We aim for specific social media strategies for improved execution. We ensure our plans are concise and attainable but not impossible. Our planning stages for social media marketing include a set of goals that help us establish our objectives accurately. Our goals are measurable through analytics, relevant to every campaign and time bound without seeming lengthy and pointless. This smart framework is initiated in the planning stage to make sure each and every strategy and social media marketing goals lead to conversion and brand success.

Why do you need a social media management plan?

The biggest question on every client’s lips is “Why do I need a Social media plan? Well, when you build a clear cut social media management plan, you define your own strategies and goals to help you remain focused on your target for success. That is what we at Komva aspire to do. This is why when we adopt several factors during the planning stage and these are

  • A well defined list of objectives
  • An overview of the complete social media presence
  • Analysis taking into account competition
  • Online content strategies
  • Creating a social media calendar
  • Creating faster methods for metric measurements and analytics

In a short while, social media has grown to include many different types of content formats like Facebook ads, carousel ads and instant articles. Such flexible formats provide social media managers ample opportunity to explore and experiment with unique and creative techniques of social media management that engages and captures social users. It is in trying to implement such strategies that social media planning is important which is why, our planning stage includes such aspects of the marketing and management process.

We make customers understand why the need for critical planning

One big aspect of our planning process is to make each customer understands why they need to be on social media in the first place. Common goals and objectives need to be laid out in the planning stage such as

  • The need for triggering conversions
  • How to build better connections with users
  • How to increase user traffic through organic means
  • How to build relationships
  • How to establish an authority in the industry
  • How to increase brand awareness

When you build a good social media management strategy, it takes time. We don’t like to hurry but make sure each and every moment on a customer’s account is well spent in a productive manner. This is because efficiency in the planning stage is important for the overall success of a campaign and its continuation as a brand leader. This is when we make a social media plan it will:

  • Keep a constant schedule of posting and interaction across all channels
  • No last minute emergency work of mediocre content sharing
  • Keep abreast of trending topics
  • Gain insights from al activity on social media
  • How to implement analytical metrics for further improvement of campaigns

What an effective plan will do for you is to help you work accurately, efficiently and effectively and that is exactly what we at Komva hope to achieve. You can always count on us to have a fool proof social media management plan that increases brand image and takes it to new heights.


Research is an extremely important aspect of social media management. Without research and social insights, you can never hope to curate a strategy effective enough to meet your targets and goals. At Komva, we ensure enough research through several tools and processes to make our campaign strategies highly effective and result oriented.

We learn all there is to know about our audience

One of the main elements of research in social media management is your audience. Without being able to create a specific audience for your brand, it is almost like a ship without a rudder, your brand and identity goes nowhere simply because no one who visits your presence online will become part of your community since they aren’t users of your products. This is where research comes in to help build a target audience who will continue to interact with your brand and help build it up and increase traffic further.

Create audience personas

As mentioned an audience persona is creating who your audience is and showing them what they want to see on your social channels. This is the key to creating user likeable content which generates likes, comments and shares. Our expertise in this area is unparalleled as we employ highly creative teams to take care of this aspect of your accounts on social media. We don’t just indulge in the conventional techniques of social media marketing and social media management. We explore various ways and means that can increase and enhance the techniques for success of your brands. It is through innovative research that such means can be achieved.

Once we know your audience, we implement new techniques to create content that will attract them to your channels and convert them into potential customers of your brand and business. In this way we increase your presence organically where you gain followers who are real people with needs and requirements. We then interact with such an audience because through research we know what to offer them.

Researching of data and analytics

Once we implement your process on social media channels, we don’t just concentrate on Facebook, we collect as much data that is revealed by our highly advanced analytical tools. Through social insights we get an accurate representation of the user activity on your channels. Through analytical metrics, we then learn exactly what channel works best for you. Research in such areas reveals how to interact with people, and give them what they want. Social insights and analytical research also helps us maintain your social media reputation online and neutralize negative activity wherever applicable.

Competitor analysis

The world of social media marketing is a highly evolved one. This means just as you are highly active on social media, your competition is also busy doing the same. This is where a social media management company like Komva can help you with its research tools to know and be aware of competition activity on social channels. Research of competition will show you the content users respond to and integrate such content into your own social media management plan.

Competition research and analysis helps us to:

  • Know competitor activity
  • The topics covered
  • The content used for covering topics
  • Weakness and strongpoints

Experimenting with paid promotions

Part of the research activity on social media involves paid promotions among your own target audience on all social channels. We at Komva are familiar with every aspect of social marketing and thus will implement specific paid promotions on all networks to increase audience. Such techniques are valuable in helping you find and build up your audience because once established, it enables us to create further means of interaction.

We review analytics, metrics and results of every social channel to see where best we can work on for improved conversions and achieving the best results. The bottom line is conclusive. As a social media management company, we research accurately for results and no less.