Content Creation

Content Creation

Content creation is important for every social management campaign. It is integral to brand building and visibility with only unique and original content having the power to engage users to increase traffic. At Komva we understand all the elements of curating social content that is specific to your target audience and representative of your brand.

The main three questions on every client’s lips are:
  • What can you do for my company?
  • How are you going to create content for my brands
  • How are you going to make them grow?

Content campaigns on social media marketing may be a difficult strategy if you aren’t familiar with it but for us, it’s a piece of cake. We create micro-content for all your social media channels. What we do is to create specific content for specific channels and optimize it technically and visually with information for the purpose of engaging your target audience relevant to each social channel.

This is how we create unique content for you.

If you are on social media, you will understand how any new campaign needs to help users learn about your brand and business. We don’t just ask our content curators to write pages of useless information as quantity isn’t the goal here. It is quality content that matters and thus we first assess your brand and identify the parameters of what makes your brand and products special. We analyze how best we can develop content that will be aggressive in attracting attention on your channels. Your content should be powerful enough to convert your users into your very own volunteer social media marketing army. This means, your content creation should be good enough to make your users want to share it as much as possible.

We try to identify what type of social marketing content your target audience will enjoy and utilize the metrics generated to develop an accurate content strategy for social management.

How we post your content

Posting and publishing of content on social media is the next technique to a good social marketing strategy. In order to understand what type of content to post, we employ five main elements of perfect content that are a sure shot winner on social media.

  • Content should be informative and to the point
  • It should be visually pleasing
  • It should be entertaining
  • It should educate an audience to consume
  • It should be engaging to invite user activity such as likes, comments, and shares.

Jumping blindly onto the social media bandwagon is the mistake several novice companies may do. It isn’t about creating content for every possible platform. It is just a waste of time and money. If Tumblr doesn’t work for you, then that time and effort would be better spent on improving strategies on Facebook or Twitter. Thus an experienced company such as Komva employs expert strategists who will identify which channel suits you best and will then turbocharge your activity and presence on those channels to build up visibility and interaction. Through such techniques, we increase the chances of conversions for your brands. Only a specific social media strategy involving targeted content curation will provide the best results.

We help you establish your social goals

The main aim of any social media management company worth its salt is to know how to align social media goals with business goals. When you speak of content creation, and social marketing strategies, you have to create content that makes a solid impact. It must influence your users into activity surrounding your brand. At Komva we are constantly evolving with digital technology and implement the latest digital marketing tools to help us gain the best target oriented metrics that show us exactly where your brand and social presence is headed. We initiate content media techniques and tools to help us create content for

  • Improve brand awareness and visibility
  • Develop new leads
  • Increase website and page traffic

With a team in place 24/7 for constant social media marketing management, we keep a track of your activity. We measure followers, the number of tweets and retweets, the shares and likes and all metrics involving user social engagement. We keep track of Google analytics to see the amount and value of referrals coming your way and learn best how to improve upon content that will increase such activity.

Content Creation Process and design

Now that we have explained how we engage with your users, you will need to create the best type of posts and keep a consistent flow of content across your channels. A social media management company needs to understand the psyche of a brand. It needs to find out what makes the psyche of users tick. Only then can they create engaging content to establish emotional bonds with an audience. Our creativity is unparalleled in such fields where our content will impact your users on emotional levels to help them feel an affinity with your brand. We will make them understand what is unique about your brands and why they should use them.

We help you find your voice

When we speak of content creation for social media, we mean a silent but powerful voice that has the ability to create a shout out impact in every post. What separates the professionals from the novices is the ability to understand what type of voice suits what channel. For example, LinkedIn may require a more professional tone, whereas, on Facebook or Instagram, you will need to create stories to attract your audience. Snapchat will mean a playful entertaining voice.

You need to initiate content media strategies that are in perfect alignment with your company’s goals and values simultaneously highlighting your brand. You need to show how your company possesses ethical values such as concern for the environment. Thus you can provide information on your eco-friendly products and manufacturing processes that drive away any form of guilt on damaging the environment.

Such content strategies for social media can only be implemented and initiated by creativity and that you will undoubtedly find at Komva.

We follow your competition

It is foolhardy and egoistic not to respect and regard your competition on social media. To make your social media content strategy effective, you will have to find out who are the main players in your field. In doing so, it isn’t about copy and pasting competitor strategies but to work upon them and improve them into making them more unique as your own. One must not forget that Google too keeps an eye on social media content. Its algorithms periodically use valuable content on social media using them as parameters for rankings.

At Komva we constantly research the perfect content and keywords that will help both social media bring your brand into more feeds. This, in turn, has a domino effect on Google and before you know it, we will have put you in the limelight of the social media stage. Our digital marketing techniques are geared to provide results. We design content that is only relevant to your business with highly optimized keywords to draw traffic to your brands. We do not believe that content is required for the sake of it. Content creation is one of the most powerful aspects of social media management and if used wisely can be a powerful voice for your business.

The main elements of our content creation strategy

  • Highly engrossing and informative articles
  • Blog pots that provide information on your brands
  • Engaging posts and threads on Facebook
  • Entertaining visuals with taglines and text to attract instant attention
  • Questionnaires and surveys that are entertaining to join
  • Use of hashtags and keywords for optimization of social media
  • Email newsletters that users will look forward to
  • Using content to create communities

Social media isn’t an individualistic activity. It is all about communities which you have to establish or create online. Thinking up fabulous content that attracts users and influences them to remain on your websites or pages is the best strategy to do that. Once you influence your customers to remain focused on your brands, you can initiate even better content that will cement relationships. Through content creation techniques integrated into your social media marketing efforts, you can build communities and strengthen your bonds with your followers. This increases your brand presences and customer loyalty to your brand

Komva helps you in precisely these techniques to optimize content for social media. On your behalf, we will engage in conversations with users and connect frequently with them. Constant posting of content will keep them engaged and immersed inactivity which is extremely important for social media management.