Brand and Engagement

Brand and Engagement

Brand engagement helps to leverage social media through verified communication to keep users actively focused and involved with your brand. Every good social media management company knows how social media is the ultimate vehicle that can help a brand reach its consumers. It can help you locate the right audience for products and brands.

This is usually done through activity involving newsletters, blogs, threads and social pages till an audience is found and a community is finally built around the brand. But once this is achieved, the activity has to be maintained. It is critical to the social health of the brand. Thus brand engagement promotion reaches out to users in order to convert them into customers. By not focusing in brand engagement, you are losing valuable ground on brand build up and promotion.

At Komva our efforts of brand and engagement seeks to transform new relationships into consistent and continued conversations between our page managers and consumers so that your brand presence remains in the social eye of every channel.

Brand engagement is only helpful when exploited to its fullest potential

When it concerns social media management, brand engagement marketing is a term that is frequently used but only when it is implemented to its fullest potential can it really mean something for your brand. We at Komva possess the expertise to use brand engagement techniques to form emotional attachments between consumers and your brand. We implement a four pronged strategy of brand engagement through insight, communication, commitment and experience.

Insights and perception is the first aspect of enhancing engagement

Perception or how you project your brands for others to view it is important. For example, Nike helps customers perceive their brands as simple, high end athletic products. Similarly we too engage in brand positioning that will help control your brand engagement efforts to make consumers focused. Through brand and engagement strategies such as visual imagery, and sustained posts, we help to align your brand with your own company values.

Communication is integral to brand engagement for social media marketing

Communication is the main key to brand engagement for social media. Social media marketing companies usually indulge in analytics and various forms of data to help drive brand engagement but that isn’t always necessary. This is why at Komva; we do not believe in just helping large businesses but small businesses too. We help build brands from scratch. It is more the quality of brand promotion and engagement that helps increase traffic to your social channels rather than endless streams of analytical data. This is why we believe that adopting hands on approach that constantly monitors client’s social channels is the best way to step up any brand promotion efforts.

Experience is a vital factor of social media brand promotion

The type of experience you provide your user when it comes to brand engagement is perhaps the most important aspect of the brand marketing cycle. We make your users feel appreciated and give them a sense of importance. We strive to improve the total consumer experience through brand strategies and advertising. We initiate brand promotion techniques like personalized email marketing, email campaigns and personalized touches to make your consumers feel important. You need to remember that it is the user experience that can make you or break you. Thus we pay extra attention to this area and go that extra mile to cement relationships that will sustain all efforts to draw more consumers to your brand.

How we build up brand engagement value for customers

Social media is all about society. Online, society is more demanding and the fact that yiu have no control on negativity means you must make every effort to cultivate a positive atmosphere for your customer. This is how we do it at Komva

  • Brand and customer value
    Value being a fundamental human need, we engage with customers to make them feel valued and at the same time make them understand the value of your brands.
  • Efficiency
    We don’t just initiate strategies online and expect them to work themselves, we have an expert team of efficient brand managers at the helm of your social media pages to manage both the activity and maintain your reputation online.
  • Consistency
    We don’t create gaps in the online social activity surrounding your channels. We ensure there is never a dull moment for your customers and always give them new material to ponder about.

How we improve the consumer experience.

One of the best ways to improve the consumer experience is to keep a continuous activity of published posts and threads. We manage such activity through well thought up posts and blogs to provide valuable information to your consumers without the aggression and pushy attitude of forcible selling. Through social page management, we will initiate threads that will solicit responses and interactive activity from users. Direct interaction with your consumers will further make them happy about the direct experience. It will help them understand that your brand isn’t just there to be an object of promotion but to help customers with information that is related to your products.

Brand engagement commitments

When looking at brand engagement, it is integral to maintain the commitment that you have relayed to your consumers. The effectiveness of your products and how you have conveyed your brand to your customers should reflect in reality as well. Delivering that commitment through your sustained efforts of constant brand positioning strategies is a crucial factor of the social media management game. Thus we provide you a brand manager who will develop unique brand engagement ideas to help interact with consumers and keep them always focused on your brands.

Perhaps it should also be noted when speaking of brand engagement on social media is the way a company understands its consumers. When you have built up and defined your target audience, you will have got them interested in your brands and products. Brand engagement strategies that do not take your customers voice into account will fail miserably. Komva’s brand engagement management techniques include involving the customer through campaigns such as threads, posts and tweets that invite interaction. This helps us relay again to your consumers how you plan to deliver your commitments on quality and customer satisfaction. We initiate conversation starters to enable us to voice out our promotional ideas which end up being the committed factor of brand engagement.

We give your brand a sense of individuality through micro content

Giving a brand a sense of individuality and a personality will make it shine out on social media. It improves your chances of customer engagement. This helps your customers identify and relate to your brand more than your competition. Thus your users will be more interested in interaction and become emotionally involved. They will all the more be interested in listening to what you have to say. We employ the most creative minds to develop brand engagement strategies to initiate such activity centered on your brand. This is why individuality and personality is so important in social media management.

Building the brand engagement model

One of the leading aspects of online brand management is the brand management model. We develop strategies that will help your brand stay ahead on all social media outlets. We make your brand relevant to its audience and plan communication strategies accordingly to fit this engagement model. Through promotions, offers, and information we attract new customers to your online community. Once this is done, they will be more inclined to explore your other offerings and want to learn more about your brand.

We understand how important it is for brand engaging efforts to drive revenue. Thus in the digital environment of today, consumers preferences come into play. We implement and initiate activity to help us know those preferences to enhance and improve the terms of engagement with consumers. This is why we focus more on personalized brand engagement to take it to higher levels for more potential conversions. We are forever drawing up strategies and campaigns to make the entire experience for your customers a happy and satisfying one.

In conclusion, we do not depend on pre mature and false results through speculation. As a social media management company with a huge difference, we micro manage your brands and capture all responses through the brand engagement activity to help us further improve our own digital brand strategies that will benefit you consistently on social media. We learn from our results and modify them to suit your purposes for increased success.