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Advertising & Promotions

When you speak of advertising and promotion, it means you are showcasing your brand to the attention of your potential and existing customers. While such a goal is best carried out with a foolproof advertising and promotion plan, a social media management company needs to work out the best overall goals and strategies taking into account marketing analysis to gain success.

At Komva, we implement tailor made promotional plans that includes your specific target market. We convey to your audience the features and benefits of your brand through result oriented advertising campaigns by using various styles and methods of communication on social media. Our process of the advertising and promotion strategy includes certain considerations that we keep in mind.

  • We identify the markets that you want to reach with your brand
  • The market perception of your brands in terms of benefits
  • How to attain successful market perception and the message your brand conveys
  • The type of communication and social activity that best suits the brand
  • How to communicate the campaign using that preferred media platform

We get your brand message to the massive internet audience

We don’t just believe in promotions that are robotic. Instead we aim to introduce a combination of techniques that will take your brand message to the masses on social media. As a social media marketing company we use several tools such as newsletters, email marketing, social media advertising, SEO marketing and so on. This helps consolidate a solid campaign that will be beneficial for your brand and products helping them gain the most popularity throughout the internet.

Email Marketing is a solid tool for advertizing and promotion

Email marketing forms an important part of the Digital Marketing strategy of a company. Our email marketing techniques cultivate and create databases of email addresses to send your promotional content. We use several tools to manage your email marketing campaigns. These help us again with analytical data for further improvement. Your customers can sign up for any of the email marketing service providers that we employ for such use.

How social media advertizing and promotion works for you

Social media promotion is a powerful tool to convey your brands to our consumers. It also helps to create new users, increase your community and increase your target audience. It also improves the chances of conversions increasing your monetary gains and profits.

We at Komva employ some of the brightest minds to carry out your digital marketing and socialmedia management plans through the well established platforms which are Facebook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn. Recognizing the power of social media advertising, we resort to sustained brand management campaigns that will always keep your presence in the public eye. This will increase and improve your brand visibility on all social platforms. It is social media brand promotion that is vital and crucial to your brand success and without it, your brand will go nowhere. Thus you need a social media management company such as ours to take give your business a boost and a kickstart so that you reach your goals faster.

We employ innovative techniques of brand promotions

Our techniques of advertising and promotion on social media will include organic and paid promotions. We research thoroughly through social insight and analytic data to find out where your target audience is. We also find out what type of promotional technique would suit your brand. As such we use paid advertising to drive the initial campaign and then let organic promotion take over. Once we improve our target audience and traffic to your social presence and channels, your consumers take over becoming your volunteer social media army who works to improve your brand presence online through tweets, shares, comments and likes.

Intelligent usage of social media brand promotion

We make intelligent use of social media brand promotion data to see how we can further the brand promotion campaign to higher levels. Through data derived from Digital marketing tools and social media marketing, we gain emails of your users and use such data for enriched email marketing campaigns to help increase the chances of conversions through social media. Since we know how digital marketing tools are dependent on each other, we implement them in a clever way for maximum effectiveness in all brand promotion and advertising campaigns.

Helping businesses reach their business goals faster

Over time, we at Komva have helped many companies increase their web presence and brand visibility to become market leaders in their field. Our brand promotion campaigns combined with our social media management strategies leverage the power of social media to bring brands to the forefront of social channels and search engines on the internet. We create unique advertising and promotional techniques to empower businesses. Our brand advertising campaigns on social media are taken seriously to help proven integrated brand promotion activities to help your brand be a competitive leader in the vast marketplace.

As a proven social media marketing agency, we focus on brand building as a complete entity instead of just single products. Our advertising and promotion campaigns seek to make you a brand name instead of a product name. In this way, it is your entire company who is recognized across all social channels on the net. We implement a promotional framework that includes advertising, promotion, digital and social marketing with social publicity that launches a full scale attack on social media to fulfill all of your business goals. Our brand advertising and promotion techniques will achieve you the following

  • You will find a big leap in your sales portfolio
  • Your products will gain faster acceptance in the market
  • Creation of larger brand equity
  • Focused and targeted brand positioning in user oriented communities
  • Your brand will retaliate effectively to competition
  • You will have an established corporate image in social media
  • Increase of website traffic and on social media pages
  • Increase and buildup of social community around your brand
  • Increase of interactive user activity for your brands
  • Successful establishment as a brand online

When it concerns building up your brand online, there is none better than Komva. Our social media managers possess the expertise to manage effective social strategies on personal and professional levels. We make your brand a subject of discussion by touching the emotional psyche of your audience. Our brand promotion techniques focus on creation, design, and establishment of online branding with the best digital management strategies to capture your targeted audience. Such activities help us o collect enough data that can further increase your online presence.

We use helpful elements of advertising and promotion online

  • Establishing dynamic websites
  • Blogs and content creation
  • Social pages with maximized optimization
  • Website SEO strategies for increased promotion
  • PPC type paid advertisements
  • Email marketing
  • Online press release and newsletters
  • Brand Promotion Using Social Media
  • Audience influencing activity and techniques
  • Establishment of social communities

The power of social pages such as Facebook pages have always been the traditional way of advertising and promotion. This is the best way to connect to your customers and increase them online. Facebook pages help promote your blogs, content and products. You can showcase your business directly to your customers and we help you do that effectively. We establish a round the clock social media page management so that our brand managers will know exactly the type of activity unfolding around your brand. In this way, we are always ready to respond to any such situation to help enhance your brand.

You are in good hands

When it comes to advertising and promotion, you are in the best of hands with Komva. We are backed by some creative talent that are forever implementing innovative technique of social media management and promotions that will speed up your efforts into becoming a brand leader on social media. We don’t just build up your brand and let it stagnate; we sustain it through our intelligent brand promotion models to help you achieve success in every way possible.